Technology development & maturation

To achieve the mentioned demonstration concept, further development/maturation of key technologies (both software and hardware) is required to assure that by the end of the project phase A/B1 (2022) they are at least at Technology Readiness Level 5 (TRL5) with respect to technical requirements of the in-orbit demonstration scenario.

The core software technologies considered in PERIOD are: ESROCOS, ERGO, InFuse, I3DS


Technology Maturation


The capabilities of space robotics for ISMA applications depends critically on the availability of a reliable standard interface allowing the interconnection between payload modules and robotic arms. The realization of a modular reconfigurable system depends, among other things, on a multi-functional interface, that includes mechanical interfaces connecting the blocks to one other, electrical interface for power transmission and data interfaces to transmit data throughout the satellite.

The core hardware technologies examined by the project are the Standard Interconnects: SIROM and HOTDOCK.


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