GMV Aerospace & Defence S.A.U (Spain) & GMV Skysoft SA (GMV-SKY Portugal)

GMV Innovating Solutions is a privately owned technological enterprise group with an international presence. GMV has a long experience in managing research activities, especially in the area of robotics and GNC. Within the SRC on Space Robotic technologies previous call, GMV has coordinated ESROCOS (OG1), ERGO (OG2) and FACILITATORS (OG6) projects. And now is coordinating ADE (OG 10) and is participating also in EROSS (OG9), MOSAR (OG 9) and PROACT (OG11) projects in the second part of the cluster. In addition, GMV has an unmatchable record/history of leading/participating in ESA TRP activities, devoted to Technology Research. The company is a recognized European leader in the development of space GNC and robotics technologies, and particularly in ground validation of those technologies. As an example, GMV led (OG1) Consortium, overseeing the Administrative and technical coordination, OG’s interfacing, system requirements, RCOS definition, TASTE tooling, CAN bus integration and qualification and orbital demonstrator.